• Exfoliate your face twice a week in the lead up to your appointment. We recommend exfoliating the night before also
  • Use a hydrating mask once a week, and also the night before
  • MOISTURISE twice as day
  • Shower and wash your face before coming to your appointment. If you are specific when it comes to skincare, you may apply your own prior, but we usually recommend keeping your face clean and dry so that we have a clean base to work with and makeup applies smoother
  • If you plan on getting your brows done prior to, wax/thread them AT LEAST one week prior. This avoids any wax lines showing up 
  • Come to your appointment with a realistic inspiration photo, or somewhat of an idea of what look you'd like done. Using inspiration photos from the Eden Isabel Instagram page is best
  • Make sure you have allowed enough time between your makeup appointment and your event to avoid rushing. You may come fully dressed and with hair done if need be
  • Manage your expectations when it comes to how makeup will look on your face and eye shape, and skin type. Acne, dry/oily skin, flaky skin, eczema, texture, wrinkles and pigmentation are just a few things that can affect how makeup will look on the skin. This is not to say that your makeup will look 'bad', this is simply to say that it will look different depending on the individual, and we will cater to and adjust the look where need be


  • DO NOT rub or scratch your face. Lightly tap any places that are itchy
  • DO NOT rub or wipe your eyes if there are tears. Gently dab a tissue or cotton tip on the inner and outer corners to catch tears
  • You may use a blotting sponge or paper to gently remove any excess oil
  • Lip touch-up kits are available at your appointment as part of the service
  • DO NOT apply any makeup on top of what's already been done. This includes, cream products, skincare and in some cases, face powder 
  • Bring lash glue along with you in case of tears/watery eyes. It is highly unlikely that your lashes will start peeling off, but better to be safe than sorry!
  • Your makeup will absolutely last all day and night if these precautions are taken, although it is inevitable in some cases where there are a lot of tears and crying, or sweating involved where the base MAY break up slightly. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done to avoid this, other than the above tips mentioned